14th Street Bible Institute / Amie Lee's Heart

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In the seven short years since its founding, 14th Street Ministries has played a major role in the transformation of lives. The goal of 14th Street Ministries is to provide persons (whenever and wherever applicable) with a personal and professional guide in becoming spiritual and productive individuals for themselves and their respective communities.  In this past year we have collaborated with Amie Lee’s Heart to form a recidivism prevention network that has the purpose of successfully reintegrating individuals back into the community as productive and spiritual citizens. We believe the basic fundamental aspect of a Christian life is the part that will immediately become visible to our friends, relatives, and the whole community. In addition to Amie Lee’s heart we have also established LaClede Woods Janitorial Services which affords us opportunities to employ person that in some cases would otherwise not be given a chance.


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Strong Tower Fellowship Church in committed to and adhere to the Word of God and its truths and doctrine. We believe in preaching the Gospel to a lost world and Teaching the Word of God to the believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.